Celery Grapefruit Juice

First, I just want to say how excited I am to hear that so many of you received juicers and Vitamixes over the holidays!

In general, I don’t like perpetuating the holiday season’s overall buy-buy-buy message — not to mention my own consumerist impulses — but all bets are off when it comes to juicers and blenders and organic produce. And the Lululemon “No Limits” tank. But I digress.

Back to juicing! By the way, I love hearing from you about what you’re juicing these days. My friend Jason emailed me about “Jugo Verde,” an exotic cactus-celery-parsley-pineapple combo he and his wife enjoyed in Mexico. And then Ryan, the produce guy at my neighborhood Whole Foods, told me about his special “Dill Pickle Detox,” which involves wheatgrass, cucumber, kale, dill and garlic. Yowsa!

If you’re looking for a new juice recipe, here’s a fun one to try. Celery and grapefruit make a magical flavor combination, which I appreciate even more given the fact that I don’t particularly care for celery in its whole form. In fact, I rarely eat it (meaning, only when dip is involved and the potato chips have run out), and I’ll often omit it from recipes when I’m making soups and stews.

But when it comes to juice, the combination of celery and grapefruit delivers a refreshing, pleasingly tart juice that is high in vitamin C — which your body always appreciates during cold and flu season — plus, both celery and grapefruit contain phytonutrients proven to reduce cholesterol. This recipe also involves kale (big surprise), and we all know how good that is for you.

Celery-grapefruit juice is a good one to bust out if you’re tired of your typical apple-lemon-ginger-kale combo. And if you’re new to juicing and want to reduce some of the tartness, just add a granny smith apple or two. Salud!


Grapefruit Celery Juice (Serves 2)
2 large grapefruit, rind removed (keep some of the pith — it’s good for you!)
8 stalks celery
1 small bulb fennel (bulb, stalk and foliage)
1/2 bunch kale
1 cucumber
1/2 bunch parsley
1/4 jalapeno pepper (optional; include more if you like it spicy)
1 lemon (remove the rind if you want to reduce bitterness)
1-2″ inch piece of ginger, to tasteProcess ingredients through your juicer. Whisk and serve.


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