April 23 - May 13, 2017

nutrition + HEALTHY LIfestyle coaching PROGRAM
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This 21-day healthy lifestyle program is specifically designed to help you reconnect with your healthiest habits, and re-balance the body after a long winter (or especially indulgent spring break!). 

Camp Kale offers much more than a typical detox or cleanse. 
This program is designed to provide you with the guidance, accountability, and resources you need to solidify your habits around living a healthy lifestyle — not just during Camp Kale, but in the weeks and months ahead.

In Camp Kale, you'll learn about the powerful practices, foods, and habits that can support your own personalized health transformation.

THIS ONLINE Program includes:













⇢ How to Cultivate a Vitality Mindset

⇢ How to Create Daily Rituals to Support Healthy Habits

⇢ How (and Why) to Get Started with a Mindfulness Practice

⇢ How to Get Your Nutrition Game on Point

⇢ Foods and Tips to Help Balance Hormones

⇢ Foods to Support Healthy Heart, Brain and Digestion

⇢ How to Find More Time for Exercise & Healthy Habits

⇢ Healthy Meal Planning

⇢ Clean Eating Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks

⇢ Simple Recipes with Minimal Prep

⇢ Plus Advanced Recipes for When You Have More Time

⇢ How to Make Healthy Family-Friendly Meals

⇢ Why You Need to Get Serious about Self-Care and Sleep

⇢ Healthy Habits While Traveling and on Vacation

Why Camp Kale Might be a Good Fit for You

First of all, I know you care about living a healthy lifestyle, and that you have good intentions when it comes to your choices around food, drink, and exercise.

In fact, I believe you care deeply about getting healthier. And not just in a lose-5-pounds-to-fit-into-that-damn-swimsuit way. 

No, you have bigger goals for your health. Sure, you might want to lose a few pounds, but that's just the starting point, right?

Maybe you've been noticing some changes in your body as you get older — such as PMS, hot flashes, adult acne, a sluggish metabolism, restless sleep, or high blood pressure. And you want to understand how changing your diet and daily routine could help. 

Or, maybe you're interested in finding out how certain foods can help you explore a greater sense of vitality and longevity — like reducing your risk for cancer and heart disease. 

I also get that while you may want these things for your life, you might struggle here and there. Maybe you do well for a few days or weeks, but then you fall off the wagon and have a hard time getting back to your healthier habits. 

After all, trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be really challenging in our modern culture. It's not like green smoothies and salads are the foundation of the Great American Diet, right? 

So here's the deal. I know we're all busy, and it can be challenging to put healthy meals on the table every day. I also know that because we're busy, many of us are skipping our workouts, and skimping on sleep and self-care.

But what if I could show you how a healthy lifestyle can be easier, tastier, more fun, and hassle-free? Even if you have a busy work schedule or family life. Even if you don't like cooking.

Would you be stoked?

Of course you would. So sign up for Camp Kale already!

I'll be sharing my battle-tested tips and resources for living a healthy lifestyle, while having fun at the same time. 

A few words from Camp Host
Monica Spoelstra Metz

The Camp Kale program explores the 
daily practices, healthy habits, recipes, and lifestyle hacks I've honed over the last decade to foster healing and balance in the body — in my own, as well as my clients'. 

My Story

I have a huge passion for healthy living, but it hasn’t always been that way. 

As a kid, I was obsessed with Doritos and Pez. In college, I minored in G&Ts and pizza. Throughout my career as a sports marketing executive, I scorned sleep, speed-balled caffeine, and lived on arena food: hot dogs, soft pretzels and Diet Coke. 

And then — surprise, surprise — I struggled with high cholesterol. Acne. Migraines. Gall bladder pain. Excess weight. Anxiety. 
Pre-diabetes. Infertility, and multiple miscarriages. 

Along the way, I’ve crash-dieted. I’ve gorged on bacon and steak (Atkins) and lost 10 pounds on fat-free hot dogs, reduced fat Oreos and broth (Weight Watchers). 

I have binge-exercised, then ignored my gym membership for years at a time. 

My weight has yo-yo’d between super skinny and clinically overweight. 

But — that all changed when I had my son. 

Birthing a miracle baby at an “advanced maternal age” inspired me to clean up my act. 

I learned how to channel my love for food and cooking in a new, healthier direction.

I baby-stepped my way back into regular workouts.

I discovered juicing and became a smoothie fanatic. I learned how to practice mindfulness and respect sleep. 

Eventually, I resolved my pre-diabetes and other health issues, and learned how to restore balance in my life. 

And I mean balance. 

Not perfection. Not restriction. Not deprivation. 

I mean: finding a healthier path in the real world, amid all of its glorious and inglorious temptations and treats. 

In other words, navigating a world where wine and pizza happen. 

I’m all about helping people manage that delicate flow between clean living and indulgence. 

Because there’s still a part of me who’s a french-fry loving, martini-sipping, pizza-craving party girl. 

And sometimes, she gets to come out and play, too.

My Professional Background

I’m a certified health and nutrition coach, as well as the healthy lifestyle expert for Fox-12 Oregon’s More Good Day Oregon show. 

Through my Camp Kale online group program — as well as private one-on-one coaching — I draw upon my training in holistic nutrition, dietary theories, preventive health, mindfulness, and healthy cooking. 

In short, I help pizza lovers, party people, and busy professionals like you reconnect with your healthier habits so that you can look and feel like the rockstar you already are.  

I've already helped hundreds of people connect with the healthy habits they need to manage weight, balance hormones, and feel better in their bodies. Now it's your turn!

Camp Kale Curriculum

1. NUTRITION — We'll cover which foods are friends — and which are "frenemies" — when it comes to managing a healthy weight, improving cholesterol levels and other biomarkers, boosting energy and productivity, and addressing other health issues. Along the way, I'll help you cut through the confusion about protein, carbs, sugar, and fats. 

I'll also cover how improved nutrition can help enhance sports performance and recovery, mental acuity and brainpower, as well as soothe hormonal issues and symptoms such as hot flashes and skin breakouts. 

2. MINDFULNESS — We live in a crazy, amped-up, do-more-sleep-less culture. Engaging in a consistent mindfulness practice can help us navigate those intense feelings of overwhelm, and get traction on the goals and dreams that really matter to us. If you don't have a mindfulness practice just yet, no worries! I have some great tips to help you get started. And, if you already do, Camp Kale is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice. 

3. SERIOUS SELF CARE — Most of us are notorious for putting themselves last, and yet, we need to put ourselves first so our best selves can show up for our families, jobs, friends, and our community. I'll talk more about why self care is so important, and how it can help heal and balance your body, energy, and mood. This goes well beyond simply getting the occasional massage or facial. Instead, I'll coach you on how to seek pleasurable experiences all throughout the day. 

4. FIND THE TIME FOR HEALTHY HABITS — I think we can all agree that we live in an era of chronic busy-ness — nobody seems to have time for sleep, exercise or healthy food.

And yet, some people figure out how to make it work. What's their secret? After all, we all get the same amount of time in each week — 168 hours to be precise — and if we're going to be healthier and happier, it's up to us to manage and life-hack that time mindfully and with some serious intention. Camp Kale will cover tried-and-true time management tips and strategies that can help you find the time for consistent workouts, healthy meals, and that ever elusive "me" time. 

5. LIFESTYLE SYSTEMS TO REDUCE OVERWHELM — Let's face it. Most people know what theyshould be doing. Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I nerd out on lifestyle design and systems, and have some great strategies and pointers to share. I'm obsessed with being a good curator — sifting through the muck so you don't have to — and helping you co-create lifestyle plans and systems that can get you and your family into a healthier "flow." 

We'll cover how to put together a 
multi-phased, flexible plan so you (and your family) don’t get overwhelmed by trying to make radical changes overnight. I'll also address meal planning strategies to help reduce hassle and waste. 

Program Schedule

Phase One: Prep + Transition
April 23 - April 30, 2017
I’ll cover the mindset around living healthier habits, while also providing guidance for how certain foods can help balance and heal our bodies. I’ll also cover my tips and tricks for simple, healthy meal planning. 

Phase Two: 10-Day Clean Eating Challenge
May 1 - May 10, 2017
We take a break from party food and drink during this food-based, 10-day challenge featuring delicious "clean" recipes and healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Phase Three: Post-Cleanse Transition
May 11 - May 13, 2017
We’ll start transitioning back to real life, bringing our healthier habits with us. I’ll provide guidance around how to bring a healthier spin to everyday parties, travel and other events that can trigger extended detours from our best intentions.

BONUS: Live Conference Call (recordings will be available if you can't join live)
Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 9:00 AM, Pacific time.
*date/time subject to change based on participants' feedback

We'll cover how to prep your daily schedule, kitchen, and life so you can get the most of out of your Camp Kale experience. 

BONUS: Live Conference Call (recordings will be available if you can't join live)
Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 9:00 AM, Pacific time. 
*date/time subject to change based on participants' feedback

This conference call will help you prepare for the 10-day clean eating challenge. I'll also leave plenty of time for Q&A.


Here's a sampling of what you can expect to learn during Camp Kale:

  • Discover how a whole food, plant-powered diet can help you manage weight, reduce cancer risk, improve heart health, build your immune system, reduce stress, balance hormones, improve digestion, reduce bloating, and give your skin a beautiful glow. 

  • Learn how planning your meals and prep time can save your week from turning into a bake-at-home pizza and microwave burrito disaster.

  • Explore how certain foods can inhibit weight loss, slow detox processes, make us tired, and cause other issues in our bodies. 

  • Learn how to incorporate healthy ingredients and superfoods into tasty smoothies, tonics, salads, soups, hearty meals, and snacks. 

  • Hone your instincts and intuition to make better decisions around food, drinks, exercise, time management, and self-care.

  • Discover how sleep deprivation, poor stress management, and lack of self care can affect your health: weight, energy, productivity, and mood. 

  • Discover my master recipes and approaches for super simple meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks.

  • Learn how to create a set of daily practices that will help you get traction on your goals for both the short- and long-term.

That’s just a sampling of what’s in store with Camp Kale.

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Wondering if Camp Kale is the right fit for you?
Maybe this FAQ will help...

I'm not a vegetarian. Can I still do Camp Kale?

Of course! Camp Kale will teach you how a plant-powered (or mostly plant-powered) diet can help with your overall health goals. Most of the recipes are plant-based, and you have the option of adding animal protein if you wish. That said, I encourage you to use Camp Kale as an opportunity to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. 

Is this a juice cleanse? Will I be hungry?

No! This is a food-based program, and there will be plenty of delicious food to eat.

Overall, I'll be coaching you on how to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans into your daily diet. You can follow the meal plan and recipes as much as you like. Or, feel free to do your own thing, while trying to follow the general pattern of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet 75-100% of the time. Throughout Camp Kale, we'll also be cutting back on foods that can have a negative effect on our bodies: refined sugar and sweeteners, dairy, processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine. 

I drink coffee. Can I still do Camp Kale?

Of course. I'll definitely be talking about why someone might want to limit their caffeine intake (and how to tell if this applies to you), but giving up caffeine isn't necessary. 

Will I lose weight during Camp Kale?

I can't guarantee whether or not you'll lose weight. However, I'll share that most of my clients lose about 3-8 pounds (and often more) while doing Camp Kale. Your results will depend on a number of factors including: your own individual health factors, sleep, caloric intake, exercise levels, etc. 

Also, you should know this: weight loss is not the primary goal of Camp Kale.

Sure, many of clients experience some satisfying weight loss results, but that's almost a side benefit of the work we do in Camp Kale.

The program is about reconnecting with your healthiest habits so you can create your own individual health transformation — which isn't limited to weight loss.

For many people, reaching an ideal weight can be a pleasant byproduct of a holistic, systemic healing  that takes place over a period of weeks and months. Camp Kale is designed to be a 21-day kickstart that establishes a strong foundation for your overall health journey. 

What if I don't like to cook?

Here's the deal: some simple meal prep is necessary when it comes to following a healthy, unrefined, and plant-based diet. However, you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen — or cook dinner every night — to be healthy. 

As part of Camp Kale, I'll be coaching you on how to prep simple, healthy meals while also reducing hassle. In addition, I'll share my batch-processing tips so that you can minimize kitchen time, and put together quick, simple meals in 5-15 minutes. 

I'll also share how you can make healthier choices while dining out, getting take-out, eating at a social event, or traveling. 

What if I'm traveling (or have social commitments) during Camp Kale?

Camp Kale is all about helping you navigate work travel, social engagements, vacation, and other commitments that can undermine our best intentions.  

I'll coach you on how to stay connected to your healthy habits while traveling, and while eating meals in restaurants, at social events, etc. 


There’s never been a better time to get started on living a healthier lifestyle.

The healthy habits you form now will help you live healthier habits with a sense of confidence and empowerment.

I'll teach you about the everyday tactics you need to power up your health, maintain a healthy weight, feel energized, sleep better, have fun — and be a shinier, happier you. 

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