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November 26 – December 9, 2017

Registration closes Saturday, November 25, 9PM Pacific time

Sticking close to your healthy habits during the holidays isn’t for everyone. After all, most of the world sees the holidays as one long free-for-all of cocktails, cookies, and anything else the heart desires.

Some of that can be fun, of course, but too much of it can leave us feeling bloated and burned out. And then the holidays aren’t so fun anymore.

That’s why I’m offering a special holiday edition of my Camp Kale program — because some of us actually DO want to have fun and be healthy during the holidays.

Please note: this is NOT a cleanse or detox. Instead, it’s a program that provides daily email coaching, ideas, recipes, and personal support to help you live a healthier holiday season — one that includes some indulging, of course, as well as plenty of healthy food, drink, and self-care.

In short, the overall goal is to stick to healthy diet and lifestyle choices about 60-80% of the time, depending on how many parties you have that week, etc.

This special edition of Camp Kale is designed to help you….

Indulge strategically…

Eat healthy when you’re at home… and healthy-ish when you’re at parties and events…

Drink less…

Minimize potential weight gain, bloating, and digestive issues due to unhealthy food and drink…

Make space for self-care, even when you’re over-scheduled…

Have fun AND take care of yourself.


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