Unicorn Latte (dairy free, vegan)

I recently got all starry-eyed for the Unicorn Latte when Chalkboard Magazine named it NYC’s sip of the month. It also got some love from the New York Times.

This colorful elixir hails from The End coffeeshop in Brooklyn, NY, Portland’s unofficial sister city of sorts.

Here’s one thing to know about this latte — it may look silly with all of its stardust and sprinkles, but it packs a serious nutritional punch.

The secret behind the blue hue is Blue Majik powder. According to E3Live, the company that produces the powder in Klamath Falls, OR, Blue Majik contains both phycocyanin (PC) and non-PC compounds. This unique combination makes it different from the standard green spirulina powder. Spirulina in general is touted for its numerous beneficial properties, which include boosting detoxification power, lowering blood pressure, reducing cancer risk, and enhancing energy.

E3Live says, “PC is clinically shown to relieve physical discomfort, which means consumers feel better, can do more activity, and enjoy an overall better quality of life.”

My version of The End’s Unicorn Latte includes Blue Majik powder, plus I’ve added some other nutritional rockstars such as coconut milk and freshly grated ginger. I’ve also added some honey because — well, this is algae we’re talking about. Sure, blue and blue-green algae are considered to be superfoods, but they can definitely have a strong flavor. A bit of honey, as well as a splash of lemon juice, can help take the edge off.





  • 12 ounces coconut milk (from the can)
  • 1 vanilla bean (split open the bean lengthwise and scrape out the seeds and residue. Discard the pods afterward.). Or, you can use 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.
  • 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • the juice from half a lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of Blue Majik powder (Start small. You can add more as you grow accustomed to the flavor.)
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • OPTIONAL SUPERFOOD BOOST: 1 serving cordyceps medicinal mushroom powder (I like the Four Sigmatics brand)
  • GARNISH IDEAS: edible flowers such as lavender buds, rose petals, or calendula petals. You can also use beet powder, or process freeze-dried strawberries in a spice grinder to make a red powder.


  • Step 1

    Gently heat the coconut milk in a small pot. Heat until warm, but not boiling.

  • Step 2

    Once warmed, pour the coconut milk into the blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth. Tip: keep your hand on the lid to make sure the heat doesn't cause the top to pop off.

  • Step 3

    Pour into your favorite mug and garnish with sprinkles or flowers of choice. Salud!