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New Recipe: Strawberry Milk


strawberry milk recipe


I was a child of the 70s.

And so, I loved original taco flavor Doritos. And pixie sticks.

And strawberry milk, Nesquik style. You know, from a powder. Which I guess they still make by the way. I see that strawberry Nesquik now gets its red color from beet juice powder, which is a vast improvement over the Red Dye #3 I’m sure they were using back in the 70s.

Even so, I’m not super into my kiddo drinking something where the first 2 ingredients listed are sugar and “natural flavor.” Because we all know “natural flavor” isn’t a regulated term right? It could mean basically anything, including artificial flavors.

Which brings me to today’s recipe: Strawberry Milk.

It’s delicious, creamy, and full of real-deal natural flavor. In other words, from pure, 100% real strawberries.

This recipe is especially good when your local strawberries are in season. Here in Oregon, our strawberries are lumpy, delicate, and homely — but boy are they sweet. And they’re absolutely perfect in this easily prepared Strawberry Milk.

Ready for the recipe? Great! Just click here…


strawberry milk monica

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