Freebie: the Pantry Cooking Meal Planner

It’s true. Making healthy meals can be a bit more challenging these days.

But in spite of the long (socially distanced) lines, Instacart delays, out-of-stock notices, and everything else that's going on, it's still really important to make the most of what we have on hand — and support our immune system with healthy and nourishing meals.

That’s why I decided to create this Pantry Cooking Meal Planner. Because I sensed that beyond all of the relentless banana bread (or sourdough) baking, pasta nights, and other comfort meals… people like you wanted something a little different.

I’m guessing you’d like to get back to some healthier foods — fruits and veggies — so you can feel better in your body.

And I also bet you’re ready to get the most out of your pantry and refrigerator, so you can shop less often, and reduce food waste.

Lastly, I imagine you’re probably up for learning about some new ingredients, flavor combinations, and recipes.

Well, that’s exactly what’s on the “menu” for inside this Pantry Cooking Meal Planner!


pantry cooking meal planner


What's inside the Pantry Cooking Meal Planner


Here’s what you’ll find in this eBook:

  • Nutrition tips: I’m including some tips for every day, grocery store foods you can prioritize to help support your immune system.
  • Meal planning tips: Having a plan was important before the pandemic started, but it’s even more useful now. I’ll walk you through some ways to dial in your meal planning.
  • Meal planning templates: I’m including a sample meal plan, as well as a blank template that you can print out and customize.
  • Shopping list: This eBook includes my master shopping list, with checkboxes to help streamline your next shopping trip (or order).
  • Sample recipes: Need some inspiration? I’m including a few of my most popular recipes inside this eBook.


Ready to get your copy? Great! Just click on the link below… I hope this PDF helps you get healthy and delicious meals on the table with less stress, and less hassle.


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