About Me

Let's face it: we all know what we're supposed to be doing to live a healthy life.

We're supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise, drink those 8 glasses of water a day, sleep, and manage stress. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

And yet, for many of us, the gap between what we know — and what we actually do — is vast.

We eat salads. Sometimes.

We drink water… if we work out. Otherwise, we forget.

We dream about sleeping more… but stay up late bingeing on Stranger Things (BTW have you seen The OA? So good!).

Plus, trying to live a healthy life can be so confusing. For example, we decide to eat more fruit… but then we hear it's bad for us. All that sugar!

Or, we start going to yoga, but then worry it's not enough because we hear that 15-minute high intensity workouts are where it's at.

Are you tired of trying to figure it out and make it happen on your own? Well, you came to the right place, because I'd love to help.

I specialize in helping you bridge that gap between what you should do… to what you are doing. 

I'm talking about healthy habits. Personalized daily rituals. The morning routine tips, meal prep tricks, and healthy lifestyle hacks that lead to legitimate, lasting results for how you look and feel in your body, as well as your overall health.



I'm a certified health and nutrition coach, as well as the healthy lifestyle expert for Fox-12 Oregon’s More Good Day Oregon show.

I draw upon my training in holistic nutrition, dietary theories, preventive health, and healthy cooking to help pizza lovers, party people, and busy professionals like you implement the healthy habits you need to look and feel like the rockstar you already are.

Through Camp Kale, my signature online coaching program — as well as private coaching — I help people transition to a plant-powered (or mostly plant-based) diet to achieve a variety of goals including:

  • Achieving a healthy weight
  • Balancing blood pressure
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Reducing risk for cancer and other diseases
  • Improving digestive health and reducing bloat
  • Dealing with period drama, hot flashes, and other hormonal chaos
  • Managing stress and increasing focus through a consistent meditation practice
  • Prioritizing a powerful self-care and self-healing practice


Why I Get You

Translation: why I'm not the typical 100-pound, squeaky clean, oh-I'd-never-do-that nutritionist


I have a huge passion for healthy living, but it hasn't always been that way.

As a kid, I was obsessed with Doritos and Pez. In college, I minored in G&Ts and pizza. Throughout my career as a sports marketing executive, I scorned sleep, speed-balled caffeine, and lived on arena food: hot dogs, soft pretzels and Diet Coke. The first kitchen appliance I ever purchased was a Fry Baby — so I could make Buffalo wings.

And then — surprise, surprise — I struggled with high cholesterol. Acne. Migraines. Gall bladder pain. Excess weight. Anxiety. Infertility, then multiple miscarriages. Pre-diabetes.

Along the way, I've crash-dieted. I've gorged on bacon and steak (Atkins) and lost 10 pounds on fat-free hot dogs, reduced fat Oreos and broth (Weight Watchers).

I have binge-exercised, then ignored my gym membership for years at a time.

My weight has yo-yo'd between super skinny and clinically overweight.

But — that all changed when I had my son.

Birthing a miracle baby at an “advanced maternal age” inspired me to clean up my act.

I learned how to channel my love for food and cooking in a new, healthier direction. I baby-stepped my way back into regular workouts. I discovered juicing and became a smoothie fanatic. I learned how to practice mindfulness and respect sleep.

Eventually, I resolved my pre-diabetes and other health issues, and learned how to restore balance in my life.

And I mean balance.

Not perfection. Not restriction. Not deprivation.

I mean: finding a healthier path in the real world, amid all of its glorious and inglorious temptations and treats.

In other words, navigating a world where wine and pizza happen.

I'm all about helping people manage that delicate flow between clean living and indulgence.

Because there's still a part of me who's a french-fry loving, martini-sipping, pizza-craving party girl.

And sometimes, she gets to come out and play, too.

The LinkedIn version of my bio

As a former sports marketing executive and recovered workaholic, Monica understands the challenges of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle amid the over-committed, over-caffeinated, and sleep-deprived world in which we live. Before pursuing a career in nutrition, Monica worked for several professional sports organizations including the Portland Trail Blazers, Anaheim Ducks, and the PGA of America. Most recently, she worked as a public relations and marketing consultant for the pro sports, legal, healthcare industries.

Monica is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's passionate about supporting her clients with nutrition counseling, meal planning, “real food” recipes and powerful strategies for incorporating healthier habits into our everyday lives.

Speaking of LinkedIn, you can connect with me here. 

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