Camp Kale: Registration Open!

Summer's tricky. Sure, it's warm and sunny — we might ride our bikes, and work out more often — but summer also means parties and treats.

Lots of them.


Late nights.

Poolside “John Dalys” or Pina Coladas.

Chips. Hot dogs. Ice cream.


Then after September comes and party season slows down, many of us limp into autumn with some extra pounds and a serious IPA/wine/margarita belly.

Sound familiar?

You and me both.

That's why I designed my new program: Camp Kale. 

If you overdid it (like I did) last summer, then Camp Kale is for you.

Camp Kale is a flexible detox and nutrition coaching program that will help you live a healthier summer, while also enjoying summer's parties and treats.

Want to find out more?

Just click here for details and registration…



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