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I think most of us can agree that people generally know what they should be doing to be healthier: eat more vegetables, get more sleep, drink less. Exercise.

Sure, we all know what to do, but knowing and doing are two different things.

So what separates the healthy from the not-so-healthy? How do you get from knowing to doing?

Is it extreme motivation? Good genes? A trust fund? Not having to worry about a job or kids or other commitments?

The answer might surprise you.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get on a healthier path, and I can tell you the answer isn’t endless willpower or an extraordinary amount of free time or discretionary income.

The answer simply involves paying attention. Being mindful. Setting an intention, then following through. One tiny step at a time.

What gets in the way?


It’s not laziness.

It’s not stupidity or ignorance.

It’s not lack of money or resources.

It’s plain old, everyday, garden variety, soul-crushing overwhelm.

Overwhelm is what keeps us in our old habits: too much takeout, wine every night, skipped workouts.

And overwhelm is what prevents us from eating more vegetables, going to bed earlier, and prioritizing our self-care.

Overwhelm’s also behind our abandoned New Year’s resolutions, or our broken vows around Dry January.

Overwhelm can work in subtler, sneaky ways as well — part of us might really want to go for it and do a detox or a cleanse, but we don’t do it because we could never give up coffee. Or wine.

Well what if you could do a detox and have your coffee too?

Sounds crazy, right? What kind of self-respecting nutrition coach would run a program that doesn’t forbid coffee?

Me — that’s who!



Here’s the thing — I don’t think coffee’s that big of a deal. Not when there are much bigger fish to fry (so to speak!). Coffee’s a minor player when it comes to the heavy lifting of:

  • How are you going to eat more vegetables? More fruit?
  • How are you going to fit healthier meals into your life?
  • How can you get to bed earlier?
  • What will you do when you need to eat takeout or in a restaurant?
  • How will you follow healthier habits when you’re too busy with work/family/travel/fill in the blank?

See what I mean? Drinking too much caffeine can be a problem, but I don’t think it should stand in the way of a healthy and happy and bright and shiny you.

So keep drinking your coffee.


Even if you want to “detox” or go on a cleanse. Even if you aspire to eat more vegetables and fruit and good, real food.

Because drinking or not-drinking coffee isn’t the deal breaker in living a healthier lifestyle.

What’s the real deal breaker? Being too overwhelmed to try.

Here’s the good news…

I’ll deal with the overwhelm.

In fact, I created a whole program around it.

Rock the Detox is my answer to the overwhelm around trying to live a healthier lifestyle. This online program includes my step-by-step plan for living healthier habits, plus you’ll get plenty of coaching and support from me along the way.

In a nutshell — here's what it looks like:

4-Week Online Course and Coaching Program

  • Registration closes: January 30, 2016
  • Choose your own detox speed: Light, Medium or Hardcore
  • Early Bird Pricing ($139) Expires January 21.
  • After Jan. 21, the price goes up to $159.
  • Coffee or no coffee — you decide
  • Kale salads optional




Want to find out more? Just click on the link below — if you sign up before Thursday, January 21, you'll receive early bird pricing of $139. After that, the price goes up to $159.


Click here to learn more about Rock the Detox.


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