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A few days ago, I was driving to the yoga class, which for me involves a drive over Portland's Fremont Bridge. I love that bridge and its views of the mountains, Forest Park, and the Willamette River. What a heavenly setting to take the edge off an otherwise mundane commute!

On this one particular weekend morning, I headed over the bridge, marveling at the morning light, and the vast blue sky. I peered up past the bridge's arch, hoping to spy a redtail hawk, or maybe even a bald eagle.

And then, way, way up in the sky, I saw a familiar sight, one that gives me a little pit in my stomach this time of year: migrating geese.

I chided them silently. Hey birds! Where the heck are you going? It's still August! It's going to be 80+ degrees today! 

The argument continued in my head as I watched them fly in a V over my head.

It's not fall yet, you silly geese! Stop!

I'll admit this exchange was a bit of a buzzkill on an otherwise glorious morning. It's true — I aspire to find the silver lining in most situations, and I definitely try to find something to love and look forward to each season.

But transitions can be a bit sticky in general. And fall is a tough one for me.

Because I adore the ease and flow of summer. The early sunrises, the late sunsets. Those days-for-DAYS when I'm at the Oregon coast, and it seems as though the post-sunset glow illuminating the ocean will never fade. As if the sun's just as reluctant as we are to call it a day.

But here's the truth, as if we needed any reminding. Those geese knew exactly what they were doing. They may be a little overzealous in their migratory urges — show-offs! — but fall is indeed upon us.


Regrouping After an Indulgent Summer

Maybe the reason why the transition into fall isn't my fave is this: summer is a decadent time. For many of us, summer equals vacations, girls weekends, wine-tasting, barbecues, and a break from our usual, healthier routines.

Summer = saying YES!

Seemingly overnight, occasional indulgences such as french fries or margaritas start happening more frequently. The warm nights invite us to relax with a glass of rosé, or go for ice cream.

After all, it's summer! We need to enjoy ourselves, right?

I can certainly appreciate the impulse for all of that fun, food, and drink — heck, that's what I've been up to all summer. Check this out: my travels this summer introduced me to a magical, self-serve Mai Tai Maker.

That's right. Self-serve! With a side bar of fancy rums so you could concoct your own float.




Enough said.

But as indulgent as I can get on vacation, I fully recognize that a full season of that kind of all-in drinking and feasting can throw our systems out of balance.

We can gain a few extra pounds of course, but here's what I find more problematic: that bloated, heavy feeling. Or a fogged out mind that needs more and more caffeine to get going.

Around this time of year, my clients start complaining more about skin breakouts and puffy eyes. Hormonal stuff: PMS, periods-from-hell, night sweats, etc. And then there's all of that random stuff that just starts showing up — joint pain, headaches, achy necks and shoulders.

All of that is a sign that our summer is catching up with us. Those nonstop weeks of sweets and treats — and a “vacation” from our healthy habits — can definitely mess with our bodies, minds, and vibes.

So maybe it's not such a bad thing that this extended party season is coming to a close. After all, we only get a few months to clean up our acts before we do it all over again… the holidays.

Maybe it's time to bring on the kale!


camp kale - caesar salad


Introducing Camp Kale: October 2016

Fall is an amazing opportunity to put your party hat on the shelf for awhile, get grounded, and reconnect with your healthier self.

For example, it's a great time to break out your favorite healthy soup recipes, or get back into a regular workout schedule. The earlier sunsets might also inspire you to go to bed earlier.

In an effort to sleep better — and feel better — you might also start drinking less. Maybe you swap out that nightly vino for a cozy cup of tea.

Maybe you also start doing yoga or meditating, instead of always saying, “I know I really should be meditating (or doing yoga), but…”

This is exactly what we'll be doing in the Camp Kale program this fall.

Camp Kale is a 21-day healthy habits and lifestyle adventure, featuring nutrition guidance, healthy lifestyle strategies, meal plans, recipes, and day-to-day coaching support.


Find Your Squad at Camp Kale

Just like camping, Camp Kale is a group endeavor. After all, following healthier habits is way more feasible — and successful — when you have the support of others. And it's especially helpful when your party pals are doing this clean living thing shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

Camp Kale is inspired by my mission to make a healthy lifestyle fun, easy, delicious, and empowering. In fact, I'm so excited about Camp Kale, that I wish it were an actual place. I daydream about it all the time.

Here's what my imaginary Camp Kale looks like: luxe, glamping-style yurts with complimentary rose-scented bath products, a rustic spa lodge (no pit toilets here!), a bustling juice bar where you can get green juices and Golden Milk lattes, gorgeous buffets of Instagram-worthy delights, and a full slate of amazing classes in yoga, Pilates and dance. Sunrise hikes and sunset meditation. And, of course all sorts of the usual camp stuff like archery and canoeing and campfires.

This is my inspiration for Camp Kale: an imaginary playground for us to explore how we can be our healthiest, happiest selves.

Sounds like a blast, doesn't it?




camp kale - hat

Is Camp Kale a Detox?

Camp Kale is an invitation to explore your healthiest, happiest self — in whatever form makes the most sense for you.

Some people are craving a squeaky clean 21 days.

Others would be thrilled to be “pretty clean,” and focus on specific goals such as not drinking alcohol during the week or giving up refined sugar.

And others may be traveling during Camp Kale, and in need of healthy travel strategies and tips, plus a detox plan for when they return.

That said, I'll be coaching people on how to design and craft a Camp Kale game plan that best suits their unique health goals and lifestyle. All of the content is flexible and adaptable to accommodate your needs and desired detox “speed.”

Camp Kale's default setting is “clean” — in other words, the featured recipes are plant-inspired and nutrient-dense, as well as free of dairy, gluten, refined carbs, and refined sugar. In general, I coach people how to get most of their nutrients from fresh vegetables and fruit, and I invite them to add small amounts of their protein of choice, whether that be plant-based or animal.

Camp Kale's “flow” involves the following transitions, and a guided 10-day cleanse:

  • October 9-16, 2016 — Phase 1, Transition Week
  • October 17-26 — Phase 2, 10-Day Guided Cleanse
  • October 27-29 — Phase 3, Transition

So is it a detox?

The short answer is yes, because it includes a guided 10-day cleanse — and an opportunity to lose some weight, get off alcohol and sugar, and start feeling better in your body.

It includes:

  • Daily coaching emails
  • Access to live office hours/phone sessions
  • Video and audio content
  • Meal plans, recipes, worksheets and handouts
  • Q&A support via email

But Camp Kale is so much more than that.

It's more powerful than a quickie weight loss program or X-day challenge. It's about changing your habits for life. Yes, life! Starting with one small step at a time. It's about celebrating those small, everyday wins — and watching them unfold into larger victories over time.

Camp Kale is designed to be a kickstart to propel you into a healthier season. Its larger goal, however, is to be the catalyst you need to adopt and maintain the intuitive eating style and healthy habits that will sustain you in the months and years ahead.


Holding Space for You

Being healthy isn't something that you must become. I believe you are already. That healthier self is living right there inside you right now. It's just that sometimes that other part of us — the party self who loves BBQ and fries-with-that — gets bossy and takes over for awhile. We might experience this dynamic for months at a time. Or years.

But it's time to turn down the volume on that part of you, and shine the light on the part of you who aspires to greater things: like feeling light and empowered — while strong and supple in your body. We need to bring forth that part of you who loves fresh juices and salads, but gets shoved aside when the other part of you is poppin' bottles.

In other words, we need to honor and celebrate that part of you who's tired of Miss Party Pants running the show all the time.

This part of you knows that some clean living will serve you well. She knows how happy you'll be when your clothes fit better, and when you can get up without hitting the snooze alarm 5 times. She knows how much fun it'll be to feel the energy and good vibes flowing, instead of feeling burned out and cranky and exhausted all the time.

This healthy part of you — she has big dreams for you. A strong vision powered by love and light, and maybe a kale salad or two.

She's holding space for you, a golden place where you can play and explore and experiment your way to a healthier default setting.

I'm holding space for you, too. Over here, in my imaginary Camp Kale, where we're toasting each other with kombucha mimosas or canoeing together on a quiet lake.

And I'm also holding space for you in this fall's Camp Kale program, if that sounds fun to you.

Need some details?

I thought you might. Read on…


Details and Early Bird Pricing

Camp Kale doesn't officially begin until October 9, but I'm offering some special bonuses and pricing for the early birds who sign up by Friday, September 9, 2016:

BONUS: Guided 5-Day Cleanse from September 26-30.

BONUS: Special Prep Week content from October 2-8.

PRICING: Register by September 9 to receive special early bird rate.

Want to find out more?

Great! Please click here for Camp Kale info and registration.


In the meantime…

I'm really looking forward to Camp Kale — hope to see you there!

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