3 Tips for Avoiding the Dreaded Thanksgiving Bloat

This week's Facebook live session is a fun one: it's all about how to avoid the dreaded Thanksgiving bloat.

Now don't get me wrong. No one is expecting dietary perfection on Thanksgiving, especially me. Because come on — there are some serious mashed potatoes calling my name on Thanksgiving!

However, we can still take steps so that we can indulge in our favorite dishes during the holiday season, without feeling completely bloated or derailed by our special meals.

Today's episode is especially for you if:

  • You're on a weight loss journey and don't want all of your hard work to be undermined by one day of feasting.
  • You want to feel empowered and excited about your dietary decisions.
  • You want to feel satisfied by your holiday meal — but not like you've overdone it completely.
  • You want to indulge a little… without using Thanksgiving to kick off a 4-day food and drink bender.

Here's a sneak peek at our episode on avoiding Thanksgiving bloat:

  • [1:20] How can we have fun and enjoy Thanksgiving… but still feel good.
  • [1:45] How the early days of the pandemic inspired this episode.
  • [4:40] How to practice mindful eating, during Thanksgiving… and beyond.
  • [9:09] Hot tip from the Okinawans (hara hachi bu).
  • [10:00] Have an eating plan or strategy ahead of time — and what that plan might look like.
  • [13:40] What to do if you overdo it… (also, I said “eating” after a meal, but I meant walking. Oops!)
  • [18:02] Recap of today's episode and final tips.
  • [19:35] Sneak peek at my FREE download, the Plant Powered Starter Kit. I cover a few of the recipes that are included in the PDF.
  • [21:33] How we can still thrive and take care of ourselves in spite of how different the holidays look this year.


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Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Please wear your mask and stay safe out there!

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