Fall Training Camp 2014 – Registration Open!

Wow. Summer.

If you're anything like me, you left it all “out on the floor” this summer.

Poolside, backyard barbecues, lazy beach walks.

Staying up way too late, and sleeping in on the weekends instead of hustling to the gym.

My summer: caramelized onion dip and potato chips — and sometimes with carrots and cucumber. But less often for sure.

Vodka-sodas-with-lemon, homemade peach ice cream, sparkling Rosé, and a friend's heavenly Thai peanut dip — my new obsession.

And some great workouts and yoga sessions here and there — but not nearly as frequent as when I'm on my regular routine.

It was a glorious summer — and I'm grateful for every single sun-drenched, indulgent, magical moment spent with friends and family.

Even if it means greeting fall with a few extra pounds and a sporadic attendance record at the gym.

Maybe you can relate?

Not to worry, though because…

September is the new January

I'm excited to announce a new program to help you reboot your system, activate your body's natural healing superpowers… and shed some of those “party pounds” that may have accumulated over summer vacations and backyard barbecues!

I'm teaming up with Christa Gurka from Miami's Pilates in the Grove studio to launch…

fall training camp - monica spoelstra metz - pilates in the grove

28 days of nutrition coaching, recipes, and Pilates workouts

Our carefully designed 28-day program will help you get off the diet rollercoaster and reach a healthy weight through improved nutrition, fitness, stress management, mindfulness — and the enjoyment of simply prepared and delicious “real” food.

Fall Training Camp isn't a crash diet. Because I hate being hungry.

And it's not your typical detox or cleanse.

Similar to a detox, we created this program to deliver results through the reduction and elimination of toxic foods and lifestyle habits.

However, we'll be doing this more gradually than a short-term detox — which should make it a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for anyone who's gone cold turkey on caffeine and sugar while on a shorter detox or juice fast.

Making a gradual transition over the four weeks will not only make it more comfortable for you — you'll also complete the program equipped with meal plans, tips and strategies for helping you maintain a healthier weight and lifestyle throughout the weeks, months and years ahead.

This program is perfect if you…

  • Have completed a successful detox program in the past, but are having trouble staying on track.
  • Want to determine a realistic plan to reach and maintain a healthy weight over the long term.
  • Struggle maintaining a healthy weight amid busy family schedules, work, travel and other commitments.
  • Are dealing with poor digestion, headaches, bloating, belly fat, skin issues, low energy, hormonal changes, joint pain, and other conditions.
  • Wish eating “healthy” and living a healthy lifestyle was less confusing and time-consuming — and more fun!


Fall Training Camp Starts Monday, September 29 — click here for details on how you can register now!



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