Healthier Holidays: Persimmon Smoothie Recipe

If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, it was filled with all sorts of indulgences.

I ate a little bit of everything I don’t usually eat — from the not-so-unhealthy sweet rolls and green bean casserole with bacon… to the criminally unhealthy supersize Cheetos (I know — don’t ask).

I mean, who knew supersize Cheetos even existed?

Not me… and I quickly discovered that I still don’t have much will power when my favorite childhood junk food is around.

So, back to clean living I go.

Because it’s all about striking a balance this holiday season: Cleanse, indulge, reset. Cleanse, indulge, reset. Cleanse, indulge, reset.

When you’re consistently coming back to healthier living after indulgent meals or days, it evens the scale — often, literally.

And when you repeat this process throughout the holiday season, chances are you’ll arrive in the New Year healthier and happier than you were before the holidays started — instead of ending up bloated and burned out like most people.

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Earlier this week, I shared one of the Healthier Holidays recipes, the Cranberry Orange Smoothie.

Today I’m sharing my new Persimmon Smoothie. It offers a refreshing change if you’re getting burned out on green or berry smoothies. It also includes turmeric and ginger to help support healthy digestion and soothe holiday party-induced inflammation.

Blend one of these up for a clean, energizing start to your day.

It might even help you stay away from those supersize Cheetos.

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