5 Days, 5 Detox Recipes | Day #3 – Creamy Coconut Smoothie


Sometimes I just don't feel like having a green smoothie.


I know — sacrilege! — hope nobody puts me in nutritionist purgatory.

But here's the thing — I'm not so worried about drinking “ungreen” smoothies, especially when I'm having extra green vegetables and leafies throughout the day.


Because it's important to rotate your smoothie ingredients so you benefit from the full spectrum of antioxidants and nutrients found among all of the vegetables and fruits available to us.

And because rotating ingredients will keep your palate happy. Switching things up will help smoothies taste better and keep you from getting into a rut.

Getting into a rut means you're getting plenty of one nutrient — but you might become deficient in others.

In addition, getting bored with your smoothies can also lead to other not-so-healthy behavior.

Such as:  I-can't-possibly-drink-another-green-smoothie-so-I'm-going-back-to-my-20-ounce-latte-and-scone-for-breakfast behavior.

So don't do that.

Don't get in a rut.

Change things up.

Use a different nut milk base, or try coconut water.

Spoon in a different healthy fat source, such as tahini or pistachio butter.

Add a dash of vanilla or some different spices.

Get a little crazy and add a superfood supplement such as mushroom powder (my current fave).

And get more crazy and add some cauliflower.

Yep, that's right. Cauliflower.


Yesterday's post talked about cauliflower and how much of a vegetable kingdom rockstar it is. 

Cauliflower is awesome roasted and in a soup, but did you know you could throw frozen cauliflower into a smoothie… without ruining the fruity flavor?

Another reason I like adding frozen cauliflower in smoothies is because it's really affordable — about $2 a pound or less for organic.

One of my favorite combos these days is my Creamy Coconut Smoothie, which is on the detox menu for my upcoming I Love Food Spring Detox — enrollment is now open and our “transition week” starts this Sunday.

If you're curious about the detox, you can “test drive”the program by blending up a Creamy Coconut Smoothie — just click on the link below to get the recipe!

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