Smoothies: Build a Better Ice Cube

Clients often ask me, “do you ever get tired of smoothies?”

And the answer is, not really.

A couple of times a week — on the weekend, for example — I might have eggs for a change.

But most of the time I want a smoothie.

I like smoothies because they're packed with nutrients, easy to digest and, most importantly: fast and delicious.

Trying to eat healthy amid our busy lifestyles and culture can be challenging, so that's why the emphasis on fast and delicious.

That's truly the driving force behind my nutrition programs, meal plans and recipes.

Here are a couple fun kitchen hacks to help you concoct tasty, fast-and-delicious smoothies, and avoid the dreaded Smoothie Burnout Syndrome.

Smoothie Tip #1: Rotate

One of the ways I avoid smoothie burnout is to constantly rotate my ingredients.

I rarely make the same smoothie two days in a row, and often, I'm not even having a green smoothie two days in a row.

I do this to keep my palate engaged, and to make sure I'm benefiting from the full spectrum of nutrients and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.

Even when I'm not having a “green” smoothie, it usually contains a vegetable of some sort. Some of my favorite veggies for smoothies include include frozen cauliflower, peas, and beets.


Smoothie Tip #2: Build a Better Ice Cube

I picked up a fantastic little trick from Julie Morris' excellent book, Superfood Smoothies.

The tip: use ice cubes.

But not just regular old ice cubes!

Some of Julie's recipes call for coconut water, nut milk or other liquids that you've frozen ahead of time into convenient little smoothie nuggets.

The idea is so simple, so smart, so easy.

These special ice cubes are so much better than regular ice. Like ice, they provide the signature frosty quality that makes a smoothie a smoothie.

But they're better than ice because they provide additional nutrients and flavor.

One of my favorite liquids to freeze is coconut milk, especially since the brand I use has a 2-day expiry once you open it.

By freezing the coconut milk (or coconut cream) into cubes, I avoid waste, and I always have something on hand to give my smoothies that extra creamy deliciousness.

I also like to brew and freeze herbal teas, such a hibiscus-rose hips, and then pop the ice cubes into a berry/beet smoothie combination for added nutrients and flavors.

Using these two methods can really make a difference when you're trying to live healthy and avoid Smoothie Burnout Syndrome.

I hope these simple little tips come in handy — happy blending!



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