What’s Better Than Losing Weight?

Today I want to share a little story about my friend Julie.

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Meet Julie

For years, Julie had a goal. A very precise one, in fact: she wanted to lose 16 pounds after the birth of her second child.

“I tried running, yoga — all of that — really trying to watch what I ate,” she says.

But years later, her son turned 11, and those 16 pounds remained.

About a year ago, Julie learned of my Camp Kale program through a friend, and signed up.

“I followed the program for 30 days and I lost 18 pounds,” she says. “And I wasn't even trying! I was full, I didn't feel hungry.”

Yes — 18 pounds!

Her results were surprising even to me, and I've seen my clients have some outstanding results.

Admittedly, Julie's results were extraordinary. A former vegetarian who had “fallen back in love with meat” over the years, Julie was able to strike a healthier balance through Camp Kale's plant-inspired menu and healthy lifestyle coaching. She amplified her love for vegetables, and was inspired to give them a starring role in her meals, using animal protein in small amounts.

Now, even when she goes to one of her favorite restaurants in town — Portland's acclaimed meat mecca, Ox — she says, “I look at the vegetables first.”

Music to my ears — especially given the fact that Julie is a professional foodie, who writes for 1859 Magazine!

As Julie said in her interview on the Right at the Fork podcast, the Camp Kale program “changed the way I look at the plate.”


Better Than Losing Weight

I love helping clients like Julie lose weight. I love doing this work because I love helping people get unstuck, so they can get traction on the goals and dreams they've been carrying around with them for years.

I also love helping clients lose weight because I see how happy it makes them. The joy, the relief, the sense of accomplishment — It's all over their face when they tell me how many pounds they lost, or how they can get back into their favorite jeans.

And here's what's even better — losing weight is just the beginning.

Here's what I mean by that: in the grand scheme of things, losing weight is a bonus. An exciting one, or one that brings relief, but a bonus. It's not the main gig. In other words, losing weight is simply the opening act. You know, the warm-up band.

What's the real star of the show?

Succeeding beyond the scale — and beyond the kale, for that matter!

Now what the heck does that mean?

Well, I say, what doesn't it mean?

My vision for you — for all of us — is big. I'm here to help you explore, play, and experiment your way to a set of lifestyle habits that serve you for the long-term — and by that I mean weeks leading to months, and months leading to years.

My dream for you goes way beyond losing 8 pounds so you can squeeze into that slinky dress for your friend's wedding, or get swimsuit-ready for spring break.

I mean, dropping a dress size is a fun destination and all, but that's merely the first stop on the journey.

Here's my deal: I'm committed to coaching people how to create and follow daily habits and rituals that will lead to the weight loss (or maintenance) they desire, and then keep on going so they can get to the really good stuff, like:

  • Enjoying a sense of ease and calm in your relationship with food and drink.
  • Understanding a flexible dietary approach that suits your body's unique conditions and needs.
  • Feeling high-on-life energy — like you just slammed 2 cups of coffee, but you didn't.
  • Sleeping like a champ.
  • Banishing bloat.
  • Feeling good in your body — like, really happy to be there (and not wishing you had someone else's).
  • Knowing how to make healthier choices at client dinners, social events, and on vacation.
  • Smoothing out hormonal issues and other imbalances
  • Navigating modern-day overwhelm and anxiety, and sticking with your healthy habits anyway.

I told you my dreams were big

The only reason my dreams for you are big, is because I know the dreams you have for yourself are big. Probably bigger.

But maybe you've given up on them for awhile. Maybe you've started to believe that getting older has to mean gaining weight, or feeling worse. Or being less beautiful or less radiant or less vibrant.

Or maybe you've fallen into the trap of blaming your family history — that your genes seal your fate when it comes to a happy, healthy body.

It's okay. I get that. I've been there myself.

Giving up on your health goals is an uncomfortable place to be. You look in the mirror or put on your clothes in the morning, and you say, “but wait, this isn't me!”

But after months and years of being in that mode, you start to think, “Damn, maybe this is me.”

Well screw that!

It sucks not being able to be yourself.

Or, as Deepak Chopra says more elegantly in one of my favorite meditation audios, “I am fulfilled when I can be who I want to be.”


Are You Ready?

Registration for Camp Kale, my flagship nutrition and lifestyle coaching program, is closing soon.

If you're tired of hoping and wishing for a healthier body — or maybe a healthier everything: body, mind, spirit — I hope you'll sign up and join us at Camp Kale.

I'll bring the meal plan, recipes, daily coaching, and accountability. All you need is your big dreams, and a willingness to play, explore, and experiment your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Click here for details and registration for Camp Kale.




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