There is power in discomfort, and strength in the unknown

What would happen if you took yourself seriously?

I mean in the ways that really matter. Not just taking Netflix-and-chill seriously, and making sure we’re caught up on House of Cards.

Those things are easy. All they require is time, and a comfortable seat.

I mean doing the things that are initially difficult or uncomfortable. Things we’ve always thought were for OTHER people. Like those healthy folk who love working out or training for marathons or just hanging out, all flat-bellied, in their @lululemon Power Y tanks and micro shorts, dipping their perfect spoons into their perfect acai bowls while they go over their perfect bloodwork results.

Must be nice.

At least that’s what our ego tells us. Our ego says we will never be those people.

Not with this body, ego says.

Not at this age.

Not with these genes.

Not with this crazy job.

The ego’s voice is powerful. Much louder than the voice of intuition and spirit, which is impossible to hear unless we cultivate a conversation through meditation, stillness, and self-awareness.

Without that dialogue with intuition, we fall prey to ego — that master of illusion, who uses fear and doubt to keep us safe. But often, too safe. As if ego is the helicopter parent to our soul’s desires.

Ego doesn’t want you to know that once you get over the embarrassment of showing up at the gym out of shape, you’ll ultimately see progress. Just sleep in, it says.

Ego doesn’t want you to know that you can resolve your blood pressure and cholesterol issues by changing your diet. Just take the meds, it says. That way, you can keep eating cheese.

A little ego is helpful, of course. But it’s even more helpful to turn down the volume on ego so you can step into a healthier, high vibe life.

Today, I hope you can interrupt ego and listen to your intuition and soul. Do something you know will make you feel amazing, even if it requires some initial discomfort or self-consciousness.

Try that green smoothie. Show up for the workout. Take a hot epsom salt bath instead of Netflix and chill.

I hope you can let ego take a backseat today. Find power in discomfort, and strength in the unknown

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