Vacations: what to do if you eat and drink all the things

The good news: I went on two amazing trips this summer. So grateful!

Here’s the not-so-good news: I ate all the things. I drank all the things. I was away from my weekly workouts. So, over a period of about six weeks, I went off the rails a bit: pizza, pasta, gelato, aperol spritzes, airplane snack box pringles. And a lot of fries-with-that behavior.

Some of this was intentional. Because I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself to be squeaky clean while on vacation. Yes, I try to have a salad every day, and keep an eye out for juice bars or other healthy fare. And I try to get some form of movement most days, even if it’s a simple walk in the sun.

But mostly, vacation means vacation. And I enjoy taking a little break from my regular routine.

However, this summer we traveled more than usual. I was away from my healthiest habits for a longer period of time.

And now, my body’s pretty unhappy about it: extra weight around the middle, bloating, my digestion off. My belly strains against my workout top, my waistband feels tight.

I also feel sluggish, a gravity that feels different than simply coming back to Pacific time.

Bottom line: I’m uncomfortable in my body.

And I'm wondering: is this how you’re feeling too? After all, summer’s like one big holiday season — parties, barbecues, vacations, weekends away. It’s hard to stay on track with all that temptation out there.

It’d be easier to just keep going. Keep eating and drinking all the things. Throw in the towel. “Summer’s shot,” part of me says. “Deal with it in September.”

But the other part of me — the one who craves workouts and kale salads like a drug — her voice gets louder and louder every day. Especially now that I’m home. She reminds me that every moment, we are invited to begin anew, to make a better choice. To invite balance back into our beings.

This other part of me says don't worry about what you did a couple of weeks ago. The donut you ate then is just as much of an illusion as the body you expect to have in the future. What you do today is what matters. In this moment. With this breath. With this bite. With this sip.

So I come back. Back to that part of me whose voice grows stronger with every moment. Back to those regular routine non-negotiables I’ve come to establish over the years: early morning hydration and meditation, exercise, the sizzle of garlic and greens in my pan. And getting my ass back on the mat.

It feels good to be back. Even as part of me misses vacation's lazy umbrella-drink afternoons. Even as part of me wants to scold myself about all the stuff I never eat. Until I'm on vacation.

Breathe. Present moment. Breathe.

Yes, I may have eaten all the things. But now I’m ready to do all the things, and start feeling better.

Are you ready?

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