Camp Kale: registration for the fall session now open!

Do you need a little re-set after a summer of rosé-all-day, ice cream, and overall “yes please!” behavior?

Then consider signing up for my next session of Camp Kale, a food-based reboot to help you get back to your healthier habits.


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Fall Session: September 23 – October 13, 2018


Okay, you might be saying. What the heck is Camp Kale?

Is it a cleanse?

Well, sort of. But only the best kind. The kind where you don't have to starve yourself, and you get to eat real food.

I like to think of Camp Kale as more of a party — except that when it's over, you don't feel bloated, tired or hungover.

Instead, Camp Kale is the kind of party where they're serving healthy and yummy food — and you don't have to worry about being high maintenance, and asking if something is gluten or dairy free.

Camp Kale is also the kind of party where there are delicious non-alcoholic beverages. And friends are supporting each other in their mutual goal of drinking less.

My vision for Camp Kale also extends to the day after the party, when friends meet for a healthy activity — maybe a walk in the forest, or a bike ride, or a yoga class.

And later, after a relaxing day full of self-care and relaxation, we all go to bed at a decent hour, and wake up feeling refreshed and amazing.

So that's the vibe I'm going for with Camp Kale. Except the party takes place online, and all of the program materials — daily coaching emails, recipes, meal plans, and more — are delivered right to your email inbox.

Camp Kale is 21 days of online nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching and guidance. No deprivation or hardcore detoxing necessary. So you can put away your activated charcoal meal replacement shakes and calorie/carb counting app.

Instead, I'll be encouraging you to do a pantry cleanse, and find a new home those salt-and-pepper Kettle chips and refrigerated cookie dough — or anything else that triggers dietary drama in your life.

I'll also encourage you to get more veggies onto your plate — by sharing delicious recipes you can make in your own kitchen.

And I'll provide some of my favorite tips, practices, and rituals for making this whole healthy living thing a whole lot easier… and fun!


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Camp Kale: What to Expect

Camp Kale is a 21-day program where I provide nutrition guidance, meal planning tips, recipes, individual coaching, and other support for helping you transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Along the way, I cover which foods and lifestyle practices can help you achieve positive results such as:

  • Managing a healthy weight
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Managing cholesterol levels
  • Improving digestion
  • Diminishing belly bloat
  • Soothing inflammation in the body
  • Supporting healthy and glowing skin
  • Improving focus and energy
  • Reducing risk for serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer

We'll also cover which foods can create inflammation in the body, mess with your hormones, exacerbate thyroid issues, inhibit weight loss, disrupt skin health, cause fatigue and brain “fog,” and increase your risk for serious diseases.

Through Camp Kale, I've helped hundreds of people get the health kickstart they need — whether they're just starting out on their wellness journey, or have a generally healthy approach but need to get back on track.


Camp Kale testimonials


Check out what some of my clients have to say about Camp Kale:

Over the years, I have spent so much time trying to find the latest and greatest diets to help me lose weight and feel better. From this point forward, Monica will be my go-to for all things healthy. Her vast knowledge and passion for exercise and nutrition is contagious. — Angie G.

Wow. What an incredible experience. I have now participated in two of Monica's detoxes, and I couldn't be more thrilled. She is there to support you 100% of the time, and gives out AMAZING recipes. — Erin Z.

Camp Kale changed the way I look at the plate… I followed the program for 30 days and I lost 18 pounds. I was full, I didn't feel hungry.” — Julie L. 


Admittedly, Julie L.'s weight loss results were extraordinary, but not unheard of. I've seen people not only lose weight, but clear up their hot flashes, reduce cholesterol enough that they can get off their statins, reduce joint pain, and other positive outcomes.

All by transitioning to a mostly plant-based diet (of full-on vegan, if you're so inspired!) — enjoying delicious recipes and foods without being hungry — and following the other lifestyle practices I cover in Camp Kale.


dairy free pesto with zucchini noodles

Why I created Camp Kale


Bottom line, empowering people to live healthier and happier lives is my passion.

Camp Kale is the compilation of my years of studying nutrition, cooking and creating recipes, exploring superfoods and healing herbs, maintaining a mindfulness practice, exploring all kinds of exercise regimens, prioritizing self-care — as well as navigating trial-and-error in my day-to-day life.

Camp Kale could be just what you need to help kickstart the dreams and goals you have for a healthier life.

Through this special 21-day program, I can help you start getting more vegetables onto your plate… and feeling amazing.

We can work on changing your relationship with alcohol — so you can explore drinking less, and finding more energy and focus in your life.

Camp Kale can also give you some extra support to stick to a more consistent workout routine.

Camp Kale also offers a chance to break your addiction to sugar or cheese — or both — and find healthier crave-worthy alternatives.

Could you use extra coaching and support for goals like these?

If so, I hope you check out Camp Kale. For the early birds who sign up by this Wednesday, September 19  at 9PM Pacific time, I'm offering a special early bird rate. 


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Camp Kale includes:

Here's what you get for Camp Kale's 21-day program. All materials are delivered via email and online:

  • Camp Kale Field Guide (PDF): Detailed instructions on how to set yourself up for an enjoyable and successful experience.
  • Camp Kale Cookbook (PDF): More than 70 plant-inspired recipes for yummy smoothies + breakfast fare, salads, hearty entrees, snacks, and sauces.
  • Weekly Meal Plans: I'll provide an optional meal plan, as well as a blank template if you want to mix-and-match the recipes.
  • Shopping lists: Grocery shopping is a snap with our handy master shopping list.
  • Daily Email Coaching: Each weekday during Camp Kale, you'll receive a special email providing healthy nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
  • Q&A Email Support: Have questions? Simply email me anytime during the program.
  • OPTIONAL: (1) Complimentary 30-Minute Strategy Session. Personalized support and recommendations via a private phone/Skype/Facetime session with Monica.


For details and registration, click here. The early bird rate expires THIS Wednesday, September 19 at 9PM Pacific time!


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Hope to see you in Camp Kale!

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