How to make Two-Fer Tahini Sauce

I covered how to make a Two-Fer Tahini Sauce — one of my favorites — last week on my Facebook page.

Why do I love this recipe so much?

Well, for starters, the sweeter version of this sauce is how I got my 13-year old son to fall in love with salads.

And, I love any sort of twofer or BOGO situation. In this case, that means getting the dishes dirty once, but getting two delicious sauces that you can use for salads all week long.

So let's dive in — check out my latest video as I make these two sauces, step by step…



Click here for the Maple Tahini Dressing recipe.

Click here for the Spicy Buffalo Sauce recipe.


I hope these two sauces help you add beautiful flavor — and, some calcium from the tahini — to your favorite plant powered dishes.



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