Ideas for cutting out cheese

This week's Q&A is, “what are your ideas for cutting out cheese?”

Now, cutting back on (or eliminating) cheese is no joke. A lot of us have been using it for years to add richness, creamy texture, and deep savory flavor to our dishes.

However, over time, a lot of people start figuring out that as much as they love cheese, it doesn't love them back.

This can be especially true if you…

  • Are trying to lose weight — or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Have high cholesterol… but don't want to get on statins or other prescription drugs.
  • Are living with high blood pressure.
  • Have digestive issues such as gas, bloating, or diarrhea after you eat dairy and cheese.
  • Suffer from acne, eczema or breakouts.
  • Experience hormonal issues such as PMS, hot flashes, and night sweats.

For a deeper dive into the ways dairy may not serve us and our wellness goals, you can check out my blog post, “Dairy: Friend or Foe?


How to use cashews, tahini, and nutritional yeast to cut out cheese

But if you already know dairy doesn't work for you — and you simply want to figure out some ways that you can add creaminess and rich flavor to your food, then check out today's Q&A recording — you can watch the video, or enjoy the audio while you go for a walk, do chores… or cook!

So let's take a sneak peek into the recording:

  • [6:12] Trying plant-based cheeses from the grocery store.
  • [7:57] How to use cashews to make creamy “cheese” sauces.
  • [9:10] Adding chipotle to a cashew cream to make vegan chipotle crema.
  • [10:53] Using tahini (sesame seed butter) to make savory sauces.
  • [13:30] Using hemp seeds to make sauces.
  • [14:18] How to use nutritional yeast to add cheesy flavor.
  • [15:07] Put nutritional yeast, cashews, and a little salt in a spice grinder to make plant based “parm.”
  • [17:17] Using silken tofu to make easy low fat sauces.
  • [21:00] Get a sneak peek at my free Plant Based Starter Kit.

I hope this Q&A session gives you some ideas and inspiration for adding savory, rich flavor to your food… without having to resort do dairy (or the breakouts, bloat or other baggage that can come with it).

Also, be sure to download my free Plant Powered Starter Kit by clicking on this link.


Video recording


Listen to the audio version: Tips for Cutting Out Cheese



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