7 ideas for eating clean, banishing holiday bloat, and feeling lighter

Sticking to our best intentions can be tricky sometimes.

Often, we have big hopes and dreams for the next day. Just as we're falling asleep, we think…

I'm going to get up early and work out tomorrow.

I'm going to cook a healthy dinner tomorrow.

I'm not going to have wine or beer tomorrow night.

But then, morning comes. We hit the snooze alarm and groan, “tomorrow.”

We stay late at work, or get tied up at our kid's basketball practice. We order take-out and say, “tomorrow.”

Or, we manage to avoid wine one night, only to have two glasses the next.

Why, we wonder, is sticking to healthier habits so difficult?

Where is our willpower? How can we finally get some momentum going, and stop waiting for tomorrow?


Why Willpower is Overrated

Here's the problem with willpower: it's a limited resource.

As the day goes on — and we keep processing data, scanning social media, and making hundreds of decisions — we can develop what productivity and psychology experts call “decision fatigue.” Yes, decision fatigue — it's a thing. Meaning, we have less energy and capacity for making quality and empowered decisions. This can definitely affect our willpower, and the desire to make healthier choices around food, drink, exercise, and other lifestyle factors.

That's why I emphasize HABITS, not willpower, when working wth clients.

Setting up your kitchen, home, schedule, and sleep environment to better accommodate healthy habits is what creates momentum for your health-related goals and dreams. In other words, I help people foster more flow, less grinding it out.


Habits Create the Health

Here's the fun part: when you create the right environment, willpower becomes almost irrelevant. You start to feel more empowered in your decisions, and more energized in your body.

Weight loss, getting leaner, de-bloating, feeling better, resolving ongoing health symptoms — all if this can become possible with the right set of habits, and following these habits consistently. Day by day, bite by bite, sip by sip.

So how do we get there? Where do we start?

Here are 7 of my top power habits to explore:

  • Establishing or expanding a daily meditation or mindfulness practice. This is my #1, most important tip!
  • Doing some breathing exercises before meal time.
  • Sleeping 7+ hours a day, and going to be bed between 9:30 and 10pm.
  • Making fruit, vegetables, and whole plant-based foods the star attraction of your diet.
  • Doing your best to remove unhealthy foods and beverages from your home and office. Trash or donate anything you have trouble avoiding. For me, this means peanut butter filled pretzels, the martini shaker, and any kind of chip.
  • Prioritizing some sort of movement each day, even if it's a 15-minute Youtube workout — or a walk around the block, some pushups, and a plank hold.
  • Spoiling yourself with some self-care every day. This could be something as simple as a hot bath with epsom salts, or rubbing some aromatic oil onto your skin after you shower. Here's my favorite body oil: add a few drops of essential oils to regular old sesame oil from the grocery store. My favorite combo right now is frankincense, vetiver, cedarwood, orange, and a single drop of cinnamon.

If this holistic and positive-vibes approach sounds helpful, consider signing up for Camp Kale.

camp kale logo

What's Camp Kale?

Camp Kale is my signature nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching program.

Our winter session for Camp Kale is a 21-day program taking place from January 22 – February 11, 2017. It includes:

  • Meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, worksheets, and additional resources.
  • Lifestyle tips and guidance, delivered right to your email inbox each weekday.
  • Online coaching + support for stress/emotional eating, time management for healthier habits, balancing hormonal issues, sleep, and weight loss.
  • Access to online classes and instructional content.

You can participate on your own — or for the best rate, gather up your party pals and sign up for the Party Posse for the best rate.

And, if living healthier habits all throughout 2017 is your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), consider signing up for the Camp Kale Annual Pass — it includes 4 seasonal cleanses and year-round support from me. You can either pay for Camp Kale in full, or sign up for the convenient monthly payment plan. 


Want to find out if Camp Kale's right for you? Click here to check out my blog post on Camp Kale FAQs.

If you decide to sign up, do it soon… Camp Kale registration closes this Friday, January 20!

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