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Camp Kale: Coming January 22 – February 11, 2017

Registration Closes Friday, January 20


A new group of aspiring detoxers, clean-eaters, and real-foodies is getting ready to next-level their healthy habits with the next session of Camp Kale, my signature nutrition and healthy lifestyle program.

All the fun starts on January 22! If you're considering a winter cleanse or detox program, this post will help you figure out if Camp Kale is right for you.

Here are some FAQs I hope you'll find helpful…


Camp Kale FAQ


Q: What exactly is Camp Kale?

Camp Kale is a guided 21-day nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching program. The winter session takes place from January 22 – February 11, 2017. The nutrition content, meal plans, and recipes are all delivered online. In addition, I provide complimentary “office hours” — these are opportunities for 1-on-1 coaching through private phone or Skype sessions.

Camp Kale's mission is to build a set of habits that will facilitate each participant's individual health goals. Some people have a specific goal around weight loss, while others want to eliminate refined sugar, get back to clean eating, etc. I provide detailed guidance about how to curate a set of habits that will provide short-term results, as well as a lasting foundation to build upon in the weeks and months ahead.

Camp Kale is, at its heart, about HABITS. Not calories. Not net carbs. Not restriction.

Camp Kale is different than other cleanses because we don't start with the plate.

Camp Kale starts with the brain — and specifically, mindfulness. Being present. Cultivating an awareness for your cravings, and exploring why you're having them. Creating a gap between your cravings, and what your higher self wants for your body and your life.

By strengthening your mindset in this way — and focusing on habits and practices — you'll start to achieve small, realistic wins consistently, day in and day out. Making healthier choices will become easier, and more appealing. You'll start to develop a “new normal.”

Those small wins may seem tiny at first, but over time you'll see them grow into meaningful, lasting results that can change your life.


Q: Umm, what do you mean by mindfulness? Can I still do Camp Kale if I don't meditate?

Many of the people who do my programs are new to meditation or mindfulness — which is just fine! Throughout the program, I'll introduce you to a variety of optional breathing exercises and meditation tools you can explore as you begin (or expand) a mindfulness practice. For some people, this will mean using a traditional meditation audio or app. For others, their mindfulness practice might involve a long walk outdoors (without music blasting in the earbuds), keeping a gratitude journal, or 15 minutes spent in silence, relaxing in a hot epsom salt bath.

Regardless of what mindfulness looks like for you, I encourage all participants to commit to developing some sort of practice over the course of Camp Kale. Admittedly, most people can lose a few pounds through sheer will — and without meditating — but I encourage participants to dig deeper for lasting, life-changing results.


Q: Okay. Let's talk about food. What is the cleanse like? What do we have to give up?

My programs are a build-your-own-adventure style cleanse. I provide basic recommendations, which start with eating more vegetables, prioritizing sleep, getting exercise, hydrating, as well as establishing or deepening a meditation or mindfulness practice.

Because this is a choose-your-own-speed program, no one is “required” to give up anything. However, my general recommendations are to focus on eating whole, unrefined foods that are free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugar. Ideally, I encourage participants to also abstain from caffeine — or to dramatically reduce their use of it — and to avoid or eliminate alcohol while on the cleanse.

As part of Camp Kale, I provide a meal plan and recipes for each week. Following the recipes isn't required. Rather, I offer them as a resource or a template to build your own meals, and to develop a new dietary pattern that works for your schedule, as well as family, work, or social commitments. I also offer guidance around meal planning, and cover how to simplify your diet so you don't feel pressured to cook every night.

The recipes I provide are all dairy free and gluten free. Most of the recipes are plant-based, because I want to encourage a mostly (or entirely) plant-based diet.

Why plant-based? My approach is informed by the work of leading doctors, wellness providers, and research scientists in the healthcare and nutrition field, who recommend a plant-based diet for weight loss, cancer risk reduction, cardiovascular health, blood sugar stabilization, brain health, hormone regulation, vitality, and longevity.

As much as I believe a plant-based diet is optimal, however, I realize that many people aren't ready to be 100% plant-based. So, I offer a few recipes featuring animal proteins during each week of Camp Kale.


Q:  I like to eat. Will I like the Camp Kale food?

Absolutely! Delicious whole, unrefined foods form the foundation of the Camp Kale menu. If you're curious about recipes, feel free to check out the recipes on my website. Many of these are featured in the Camp Kale meal plan.

Here's what a typical day at Camp Kale might look like:


Still wondering about the food? Check out what Erin Z., a Camp Kale alum, had to say about the program on my testimonials page:

Wow. What an incredible experience. I have now participated in two of Monica's detoxes, and I couldn't be more thrilled. She is there to support you 100% of the time, and gives out AMAZING recipes.

Everything that I cooked of hers was enjoyed by my husband and I, and I would definitely make them for a crowd. It is great to have a nutritionist who is also a foodie 🙂 Talk about delicious, decadent deep flavors!


Q: What is the Camp Kale schedule?

Camp Kale's winter session takes place from Sunday, January 22 through Saturday, February 11, 2017.

The 21-day program follows a gradual “flow” that looks like this: Week 1 is all about transition, where we start adding in healthier foods so that the unhealthier choices are crowded out. During Week 1, we also start prepping our kitchen by clearing out unhealthy snacks and “treats.” This is also a great time to start weaning ourselves off coffee, refined sugar, or alcoholic beverages.

During Week 2 — starting on Monday, January 30 — we start a 10-day cleanse. This means doing our best to follow a “clean” diet: eating whole food, mostly plant-based meals while avoiding sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

During Week 3, we'll continue our cleanse through Wednesday, February 8. Then, we have a couple of days of transition before the program ends on February 11.


Q: I'm a busy person. Can I still do Camp Kale?

Yes! Camp Kale was specifically designed for busy people who want to live healthier habits, but routinely come up against various challenges. Throughout Camp Kale, we'll talk about how to make a healthy lifestyle more of a reality — through time management, meal prep, exercises and practices in simplification and efficiency… and of course, mindfulness!


Q: I have a busy social life. How can I make Camp Kale easier for myself?

I'm a big believer in peer pressure — the good kind. Get your party pals to sign up with you. Camp Kale offers a special Party Posse rate for a party of four.


Q: I'm ready for Camp Kale! How do I register?

It's super easy! You can sign up through my secure order form — feel free to register with a credit card or Paypal.

Here are your options:

Sign up for the Camp Kale Winter Session ($159) — Select the first option on the order form.

Sign up for the Camp Kale Winter Session — Party Posse ($119/person). Four registrants for $476. This is the second option on the online order form.

Sign up for the Camp Kale Annual Pass ($379) — This is the best rate, which includes (4) seasonal cleanses plus 12 months of support and guidance from me.

Sign up for the Camp Kale Annual Pass ($39/month) — Want to spread out the payments over the year? Easy!


Q: I still have a couple of questions….

Great! Just send me an email at . I'd love to hear from you.


Hope to see you in Camp Kale — registration closes Friday, January 20!


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