5 Days, 5 Detox Recipes | Day #5 – 5-Second Vinaigrette + Basic Salad Recipe


I find it somewhat impossible to start eating more vegetables — and actually enjoy them — without making your own salad dressing.

That's why I encourage my clients to DIY their dressing whenever possible.

I know getting bottled dressing seems easier.

And maybe even more appealing since there about a thousand flavors in the grocery store at any given time.

But I'm telling you homemade dressing wins every time.


Well, homemade dressing won't include ingredients like “hydrolized” this and “hydrogenated” that.

Or refined sugar.


Or the dubious “natural” flavors (you know that's just a marketing term, right? Not regulated or standardized at all.)

More importantly, homemade dressing is delicious.

Here's the formula: get the highest quality greens you can find, use a light hand with that beautiful dressing you've made, add some flaky sea salt and chopped nuts, and — voila! — you have a restaurant-quality, delicious, and nutritious salad.


Who Has Time to Make Salad Dressing? You Do — When It Only Takes 5 Seconds!

Sometimes I’m organized, and I make a batch of dressing for our salads throughout the week.

More often, though, I employ the 5-Second technique. It’s super simple, and just as delicious. In fact, I’ll use this method when having company over, and am often complimented on the delicious “dressing.”

I recently listened to a Bon Appetit podcast featuring Chef Joshua McFadden from Portland’s famed Ava Gene’s restaurant. His menu’s Giardini section is outstanding, by the way — not to be missed.

Anyway, on the podcast Chef mentioned that he rarely uses a classic emulsified dressing for the salads there. Instead, he coats the greens with high quality vinegar, tastes, and then adds the oil.

So I guess my kitchen laziness turns out to be a pro tip — love it when that happens!


Recipe for 5-Second Vinaigrette

Next time you're in the grocery store trying to figure out which dressing to buy, keep on walking until you get to the vinegar and oils section.

Then, pick out the highest quality vinegar and extra virgin olive oil you can afford. It might seem like a lot up front, but that oil and vinegar is going to last you a long time.

It'll totally be worth it. I promise!

For the recipe, just click on the link below.

The recipe, by the way, is part of my upcoming I Love Food Spring Detox. For details, please see the link below.

If you’re curious about the detox, you can “test drive” the program by trying this “dressing” recipe on your next salad.

Have fun!

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