Camp Kale: Watermelon Brain Freeze


Camp Kale opens on July 6, and I've been having so much fun creating the recipes and curriculum for my newest online nutrition and lifestyle coaching program (click here for details/registration).

Today, I'm sharing a little sample of what Camp Kale will look like.

It's a recipe inspired by a magical place I used to frequent when I lived in Los Angeles years ago.


It was by no means healthy, but it was definitely a happy place for me and my crew.

Chillers featured a wall of slurpee machines, each filled with various boozy concoctions.

With outside seating and within rollerblading distance, it was the perfect destination to while away the hours on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

To be honest, I was working in sports back then (translation: 80+hours a week) — so, it's not like I was hanging out at Chillers every weekend.

But the handful of times I did make it over there, it was good times for sure.

So in honor of the now-closed Chillers, I present to you the Watermelon Brain Freeze. 

It can be enjoyed sans-alcohol — or spiked with vodka. Delicious either way.

Check out the recipe and you may wonder why it includes romaine lettuce.

To which I say: why not?!

No reason why you can't make even your cocktails a bit healthier.

Romaine is hydrating and soothing to your body on a hot day, and it's a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as fiber.

In addition, romaine has a really mild flavor, so it's a great way to “greenify” any blended drink.


Why Does Camp Kale Feature a Cocktail Recipe?


Camp Kale looks a little different than my other programs. Actually — a lot different.

It isn't a diet program.

And it isn't a detox.

It's not about restriction or gritting our teeth or grinding it out.

It's not about obsessing about the foods we can't or shouldn't have.

Instead, it's about exploring, experimenting and playing our way to a healthier, happier summer.


So What the Heck is Camp Kale Anyway?


Camp Kale is my new online nutrition and lifestyle coaching program. It costs $139, and takes place from July 6-August 1, 2015.

Camp Kale is a plant-powered nutrition and lifestyle protocol that will help you add more vegetables and fruit to your diet, regardless of the protein you prefer.

The program is open to all “tribes” — omnivore (i.e. eats chicken, beef, fish), pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

All content for the program is delivered online, straight to your email inbox.

Camp Kale Activities


What can you expect from enrolling in Camp Kale? Lots of things!

  • Learn powerful “flex-tox” strategies to help manage weight, and balance the body, while indulging in summer treats and festivities.
  • Use improved nutrition (eat more fruits and vegetables!) to look and feel good in our swimsuits, running shorts, and party attire.
  • Celebrate summer’s bounty with delicious “real food” recipes: smoothies, breakfast dishes, juices, salads, soups, “bowls,” wraps, grill/skillet meals and other tasty fare.
  • Explore the benefits of incorporating “raw” and plant-based foods into our diet, regardless of the kind of protein we eat.
  • Support and strengthen your body with enhanced nutrition coaching from a certified holistic nutritionist.

Who Needs Camp Kale?


  • Those of us who partied our faces off last summer.
  • The “veggie-challenged” — people who know they “should” eat more vegetables, but haven’t figured out how to make that happen just yet.
  • People who are trying to manage their cholesterol, weight, body mass index or blood sugar levels — and could benefit from some extra guidance and support around nutrition, meal planning and cooking.
  • Omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, take-out junkies, Paleo-ists, the Plant-Curious — anyone who has fallen into a flavor rut and wants to excite the palate with fresh and simple seasonal recipes.
  • People who are interested in learning more about juicing, healthy smoothies, raw foods, and nutrient-dense superfoods.

Want more details? Click here for info on Camp Kale.

Or if you’re ready to register for Camp Kale ($139), then click here!


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