Video: How to make NYC’s popular 5-ingredient smoothie


Living healthy in our time-starved, do-more culture is an ongoing challenge. My clients often tell me they don't have time to prepare or cook healthy meals at home — but they also realize that relying on processed foods and take-out burritos isn't good for trying to maintain a healthy weight — or, a healthy body in general.

When I'm coaching clients and leading my online programs, one of the most powerful habits we explore is getting into a green smoothie routine.


Because most people have a serious vegetable deficiency in this country — and vegetables are where all of the fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients are. The fiber supports healthy digestion, helps us feel full, and moves toxins out of the body — and the antioxidants and other phytonutrients boost healing power, strengthen our immune system, and enable us to resist all sorts of diseases from the common cold to cancer.

Still, even though most people know they “should” eat vegetables, they still don't. I get it — digging into a big bowl of steamed veggies would be a radical departure from what most people have for their first meal.

That's why smoothies come in handy — you can incorporate some sweetness from fruit, and some richness from healthy fats (almond butter, etc.), and then sneak in enough veggies to equal a small to medium sized salad. All in one delicious beverage!

Knowing that lack of time is a big factor for most people, I was recently inspired by an article I read about New York City's most popular green smoothie — the Green Power Smoothie from Terri, New York's quick service vegetarian restaurant. Terri blends up hundreds of these smoothies every day, and I love that the recipe only has 5 ingredients. Simple, yet powerful.

Since I'm always on the lookout for faster, easier ways to help my clients get healthy, I thought it would be fun to experiment with Terri's recipe at home. I incorporated Terri's prep-ahead method and froze most of the ingredients overnight in a mason jar. In the morning, I topped off the jar with unsweetened almond milk, and let it defrost for a few minutes so I could then pour the ingredients into my blender. Then, I gave everything a quick blend and — magic! A creamy, delicious smoothie.

To see how it all comes together, check out the video below, which aired on Fox-12 Oregon's More Good Day Oregon show. You'll also find a link to the recipe below.

I hope you enjoy this 5-ingredient green smoothie — if you try it, let me know how it goes. You can join the conversation on my Facebook page, or on Twitter.



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