“My husband,” vegan teenagers, and how a meal prep plan can help

I have a new video for you today: how a meal prep plan can help you navigate family dietary preferences, and get healthy meals on the table more easily, and with less hassle.

At the bottom of this post, you'll find the video, as well as an audio version you can listen to like a podcast!

Here's the backstory on this topic…

I'm always asking people what their #1 challenge is when it comes to healthy eating — and eating more veggies.

And you know what? About a third of the time, people say, “my husband loves to eat meat.”

Or, “my husband is a meat and potatoes guy.”

Or, simply, “my husband.”

And a fair amount of people say, “my teenager's a vegetarian.”



How your family's different preferences affect meal planning


These kinds of situations are tricky for someone who's the primary home cook. 

They have to juggle their hopes for eating a healthier, veggie-rich diet… with their family members' preferences and requests for pizza and burgers.

So what can a person do?

Do they give up their aspirations for taking care of themselves and feeling better in their body — and just eat what everyone else wants, because it's easier?

Or do they cook two dinners so that everyone can be happy?

Well, I hear from a lot of people who have made both compromises: eating what our families prefer… or cooking two dinners. 

And my heart goes out to these people. Either way, it's a lot!


chickpeas in cup


How a meal prep plan can help


And I'm here to help!

Today's video is perfect if you are:

  • Tired of eating food that doesn't make you feel good. 
  • Trying to get your family to eat healthier. 
  • Overwhelmed by cooking two dinners at night.

I cover how to combine the new-and-improved meal plan we talked about last week with a meal PREP plan so that you can eliminate overwhelm, cut your weeknight cooking time in half, and enjoy a delicious and healthy dinner with less hassle.  

I hope this video is helpful. Please let me know by leaving a comment on my Facebook page or on Instagram. I'd love to hear from you!

Also available on audio!


Wishing you peace, love, and broccoli,


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