Download the 3 Day Detox Plan

Need a Detox?


Maybe you just got back from Vegas. Or you’ve been back for a couple of weeks now, and you’re still feeling the effects.

Or maybe you’ve been working so much you’ve been living on little sleep — and way too much caffeine and take-out.

Or maybe you simply haven’t been taking very good care of yourself, and you’re feeling run down and low energy.



Like you might catch the next cold looking your way.

Well, it’s time to take your medicine. Healthy food-as-medicine, that is!


Download the 3-Day Detox Guide (Free PDF)


3DDCover4-dsI've created a special 3-Day Detox Guide to help keep you on track. This free, 40-page eBook (PDF) includes:

  • Game Plan: Tips and guidance on how to prepare for your detox
  • Recipes: 18 delicious and nutrient-packed recipes for smoothies, soups, salads, and snacks
  • Meal Plan: Recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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