How Theme Nights Streamline Your Meal Planning and Prep

Today we're talking about a simple — but powerful — meal planning tip.

We're covering how using a theme nights strategy can help save you time, money, and energy in the kitchen.

The inspiration behind this strategy comes from the days when I was getting my master's degree in writing.

Now, whether you consider yourself a writer or not, you’ve likely heard about writer’s block. It’s real! So back when I was in my program, I found that the easiest way to bust out of a writer’s block was to use writing prompts. In fact, one of the best short stories I’ve ever written came out of a writing prompt that one of my professors gave me.

Here’s why: when you’re facing the blank page, the possibilities are endless — they can be overwhelming. I mean, how do you get started?

But with a prompt, you know where to start. Someone says: write about something you lost… or write about the last thing that surprised you. And then you’re off to the races.

Writing prompts are the inspiration behind my powerful Theme Nights strategy. Essentially, I have a prompt that will help you cut through the overwhelm of meal planning — something that will help you stop spinning your wheels when you’re trying to figure out what to cook every week.

Using the theme nights strategy will help you:

  • Reduce decision fatigue.
  • Become more efficient with your grocery shopping and meal prep.
  • Save time and money on weekly meal prep.


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What you'll learn in this video

Here's a sneak peek at the class…

  • [00:40] – How decision fatigue sets in and makes it hard to decide what to make for dinner.
  • [01:35] – Download your free copy of the How to Eat More Veggies Starter Kit.
  • [02:10] – How the power of writing prompts inspired me to come up with this Theme Night strategy for meal planning.
  • [04:30] – Step one: make a list of your favorite meals. If you cook for others, ask them for their favorites as well.
  • [05:22] – How you can start creating theme nights based on your family's favorite meals. (Mentioned: Lentil Bolognese)
  • [06:30] – Start assigning weekly theme nights so you can plan a month at a time (Mentioned: Quick Chickpea Curry,  Coconut Curried Lentil Soup and Veggie Packed Chili.
  • [07:10] – An example: how to use Taco Tuesday as a recurring theme night, but switching up the recipes a couple times a month.
  • [09:31] – Pulling it all together — what this looks like on a week to week basis.
  • [10:10] – Maybe one of your theme nights is take-out — put it on the plan!
  • [10:48] – Check out the free How to Eat More Veggies Starter Kit.


To put this plan into action…

  • Talk to others in your household about what their favorites are, then create a list of theme nights.
  • Figure out how many theme nights you'd like to incorporate into a 30-day plan.
  • Customize each theme night so you’re not eating the same thing over and over again throughout the month.


Theme Nights: Watch the Video


Here's the audio recording…


I hope you enjoyed this class on theme nights, and that this meal planning strategy helps you get healthier meals on the table more consistently, and with more ease and less hassle.

Wishing you peace, love, and broccoli,

monica spoelstra metz

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