NEW: Black Friday Healthy Cooking Bundle

YES or NO… have you fantasized about having a private chef?

Well, I'm not available for private chef'ing, but I do have the next best thing… and it's all happening next week on Black Friday. Mark your calendar! ⏰

As you may know, I offer an online membership called the More Veggies Cooking Club.

And the #1 reason why people join this membership is because getting healthy meals on the table can be hair-pulling, teeth-grinding, wooden-spoon-throwing HARD.



And yet… being consistent with your healthy cooking is what moves the needle.

It's what can help deliver better results the next time you have your cholesterol or blood sugar tested.

It can improve your digestion and level up your 💩 life.

And healthy meals — enjoyed on a daily basis — can strengthen your immune system. Which is always a good thing. But especially these days!

Here’s the thing…

I love cooking healthy stuff.

And I love making healthy cooking easier, faster and more flavorful for people like you.


Instead of hiring a private chef

So while I can't come live with you and be your private chef, I'm getting ready to offer a very special Black Friday Healthy Cooking Bundle next week.

If this is something you’d like to add to your holiday shopping list, then get on the waitlist here. You'll be the first to know when the Black Friday Healthy Cooking Bundle goes live 🔥

PS… there's an extra special bonus for the first 5 people who sign up!

Have any questions? Drop me a comment or DM over on Instagram @thehealthycookingcoach 💚

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