Healthier Holidays: 11/23/14

Welcome to Day #1 of Healthier Holidays!



It’s true: the holidays aren’t typically the healthiest of times.

We overeat, under-sleep, blow off workouts, and pull near all-nighters to wrap those presents.

But not this year!

We’re going to start out the day with nutritious smoothies.

Eat our leafy greens.

Focus on lean protein.

Make those workouts happen.

Go to bed ridiculously early when we can.

Relax with a hot bath here and there.

And do our best to minimize the “bad” stuff: refined carbs and processed sugar, booze, caffeine, processed foods.

Bottom line: we’re going to live as “clean” as we possibly can.

Until it’s time to go to a party.

And after we enjoy ourselves and indulge a bit, we’ll get back to the clean living, get grounded and seek balance.

Cleanse, indulge, reset. Cleanse, indulge, reset. Cleanse, indulge, reset.

Repeating this process will help us arrive in the New Year healthier and happier than before we started — instead of burned out by the chronic hangover and holiday bloat.

Congratulations for giving yourself the gift of healthier living this holiday season — it just might be the best present you receive this year!

If you have any questions or issues along the way, please feel free to email me at

Have a great day #1!


MonicaGreenJuice-Rounded-100pxWishing you health and happiness,



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