Video: How to Make Meatless Meals More Satisfying

This week on my Facebook page, I taught a free class on “How to Make Meatless Meals More Satisfying.”

If you feel like vegetarian or vegan meals leave you hungry, this class is for you!

The inspiration behind this class is the survey I often send to people who join my free challenges or my group coaching membership. I usually ask people, “what's the biggest challenge for you when it comes to eating more veggies?”

Here are some of the responses I've gotten around this topic:

  • “I know I feel better when I eat more veggies, but I'm not sure how to make vegetarian meals more filling.”
  • “My husband (or family) say they're hungry after vegetarian meals.”
  • “How can I make meatless meals less boring?”


What's inside the How to Make Meatless Meals More Satisfying class recording

In this class, I cover three ways we can make our meatless meals hearty, filling, and satisfying. Here's a sneak peek at the recording…

  • [00:26] The inspiration behind this class.
  • [1:15] One of the most common challenges that stands in the way of people eating meatless meals more frequently.
  • [1:50] Sneak peek at my FREE How to Eat More Veggies Starter Kit (download here).
  • [3:15] How fiber-rich foods help us feel more full and satisfied (and examples of fiber-rich foods).
  • [6:42] Make sure your meatless meal has big flavor. If it's bland or boring, you won't be motivated to eat meatless meals consistently.
  • [7:40] How to add more flavor to your meals.
  • [9:54] Add beans and legumes can make your meatless meals more filling and satisfying.
  • [12:30] I cover how beans (and other fiber-rich foods) serve as a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system (BTW, 80% of our immune system resides in our gut!).
  • [13:52] Pulling it all together — what would a hearty and satisfying meatless meal look like?
  • [17:25] How a weekend meal prep plan can help save you time when making meals on busy weeknights.
  • [19:06] The recap.
  • [19:23] If you're new to beans… here's how to minimize digestive discomfort while your body gets used to digesting beans (this gets better over time!).
  • [20:50] In conclusion… I talk about the recipes and other resources in the free How to Eat More Veggies Starter Kit.


Watch the Video: How to Make Meatless Meals More Satisfying


Listen to the audio: How to Make Meatless Meals More Satisfying


Three Hearty Meatless Recipes to Try

Bottom line, for meatless meals to be satisfying, try:

  • Adding more fiber with fruit, leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts and seeds.
  • Pump up the volume on flavor.
  • Incorporate beans and legumes.

That said, if you're looking for some hearty and delicious recipes to add to your rotation, here are three of my most popular recipes:


lentil bolognese


I hope you enjoy this video, and that it helps you make those meatless meals more satisfying and filling!

Wishing you peace, love, and broccoli,

monica spoelstra metz


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