A kitchen remodel, must-margarita mode, and healthy recipes for fall

It’s been a minute since I wrote something for you.

More than a minute, actually. More like the whole summer gone by with nary a word.

For starters, I didn’t intend for this to happen. However, now it’s October. And here we are.

That said… hello. I missed you! It feels good to be connected again.

So here’s what’s happening: this summer, my family and I embarked upon a big remodel project, which means our kitchen was stripped down to the studs. We set up a temporary meal prep space in our dining room so smoothies and toast and Instant Pot fare could still happen.

But still, this project has been a major disruption for someone who spends most of her day in the kitchen.


kitchen remodel


After all, I practically live in the kitchen!

Remodeling a kitchen is distracting enough. Fun, but distracting. And I’ve found it to be especially disruptive since we started the project over the summer.


Because summer is always a bit of a circus to begin with. Same for you?

Here’s what I mean: I love, love, LOVE summer vacation. You know, the days or weeks when we’re vacationing together as a family or with friends.



The trouble with summer


However, the other part of summer vacation — the no-school part — can be crazy-making for us parents. There can be different camps every week. And camps that only last for a couple of hours, which means the rest of the day needs to be filled so young brains don’t get fried on Fortnite or Minecraft or whatever the kids are into these days.

Not to mention the camps that are way on the other side of town, or the kind where there aren’t any easy carpool opportunities because everyone else is out of town.

And so goes the summer camp dance — not my favorite part of summer break, but totally necessary if you’re going to try to get some work done, as well as keep your kid entertained and socialized and active.

On top of all this, I find myself getting super distracted because… SUNSHINE!



In Oregon, we only get about three months of amazing weather. And in those summer months, Oregon sheds its grumpy and rainy exterior to blossom into one of the most beautiful places on earth.

After all of those months of rain and drizzle, Oregonians launch themselves into the outdoors to make up for lost time. I think of it as sun-induced FOMO.

The sun pleasantly warming our shoulders, we suddenly feel compelled to wander every trail, jump into every lake and river, gaze at (or climb!) every picturesque mountain, pitch a tent, set up the fire pit, roast the s’mores, and spend as much time as we can in the Gorge or Central Oregon or at the Oregon coast.

We get into what I think of as Must Mode: must-hike, must-bike, must-swim, must-paddle, must-do. Because winter’s coming, and it’s considerably harder to enjoy these things when it’s 40 and rainy.




Here’s the other part about summer’s Must Mode. That sun-induced FOMO can turn into impulses related to food and drink.

And now, we may find ourselves in must-margarita, must-wine, must-BBQ, and must-ice-cream.

And by ice cream, I mean the real kind. Not the healthy kind, like my Mocha Nice Cream.



Can you relate?

Well I know I had my share of Must Mode impulses this summer.

This is why I always welcome fall when it rolls around.


What I love about fall


Sure, I don’t love the days becoming shorter, or dusting off my rain boots.

But here’s what I love about fall.

First of all, I love being on a more regular schedule — specifically, the kids-in-school kind.

Second, I love the opportunity to become more grounded in that schedule, and to start feeling more focused. More intentional. Less scattered.

Lastly, I also love it when my workout buddies and I return from our respective travels and trips, and get into a regular rhythm with each other once again.

So here’s to fall, and the season’s opportunities to get grounded, recalibrate, and reset.


thai curry cauliflower soup recipe


My favorite healthy recipes for fall


Now that it’s October, maybe you feel like cozying up to a warming soup or stew… or a healthy and nourishing latte… or a creamy bowl of morning oats? I’ve got you covered with some of my favorite fall recipes below:


roasted butternut squash with maple tahini sauce


I'm also including a couple of new recipes I demo'd on More Good Day Oregon this summer:

I hope these recipes help you get more home-prepped, simple, and delicious recipes on the table this fall.



If you have any questions along the way, connect with me over in Instagram at @mospo. I’d love to hear from you!


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